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My art practice started in 2019 when I became a member at my local makerspace. I immediately fell in love with the laser cutter and couldn't stop coming up with ideas of things to cut. I ended up getting my own laser cutter, a Laguna.

I get inspiration for my work from a variety of sources, including abstract art, mathematics and nature inspired patterns, and patterns from various cultural traditions. I do most of my designs in Rhinoceros, a 3D CAD software, and Inkscape, a vector graphics editor. I went to school for engineering, so this lets me dust off some skills that I don't use as much anymore in my day job.

I strive to make unique items that are unlike anything people have seen before. I do a lot of experimentation and love designing new items. It brings me a lot of pleasure thinking of my work having a place in peoples' homes.

I tend to do art shows around New England, so keep an eye out for me if you live in the area! I'll try to post my upcoming fairs on my Instagram page and on this site. I'll also try to keep everyone updated via my email list, so sign up down below if you would like to hear from me once in a while.